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    School Supply List 2018-2019
    Posted on 06/21/2018
    School Supplies

    Here is a list of the items we hope each child will have for the start of school:

     Classroom Community School Supplies

    • $50 Supply Fee

    This per-child fee will allow us to order supplies for each classroom using SPS’ bulk buying power (getting more supplies for each dollar by not paying retail). This will also save your family time, hassle, and the additional expense of school shopping at stores. Finally, this is part of our equity work to ensure every student has access to the same quality school tools as their other classmates.

    If your family cannot afford this fee, all of the supplies purchased with these funds will be community supplies available to every student in every classroom. If you pay some of the fee or more than the fee, that would be greatly appreciated in helping us ensure each classroom has the supplies it needs.

    You can pay this fee in the fall by check or cash at either the Kindergarten Jumpstart (Aug 20-24), the New Student Orientation (on 8/23) or on the first day of school (1st – 5th Grade on 9/5 or Kinder on 9/10) 

    Items for Individual Students – Label clearly with your child’s first and last name:

    • 3rd – 5th Grade
      • Mead 5 Star 6 pocket expanding file (you can choose the color)
    • Kinder – 5th Grade
      • Backpack – should fit comfortably in a locker.
      • Lunch Box – If your child will bring a cold lunch to school consider a lunch box as well as individual food containers (please no glass containers).
      • Water Bottle – Medium sized water bottle for the classroom that closes.
      • Clothing – Anticipating our Seattle forecasts and active school schedule, we recommend each child have the following items:
        • Coat or jacket with their first and last name clearly labeled on it.
        • Pair of shoes that can support athletics and play (remember students will have multiple recesses and 30- 40 minutes of PE per day). For safety, we would ask that students not wear flip flops or open toed/open heeled shoes at school. 
        • Change of clothes (top, bottom, socks & underwear) in a Zip-Lock bag (all labeled with their first and last name) that they can keep in their locker in case they get wet and want to change.