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    Primary (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)

    As the parent of a kindergartner, I can say with confidence that my son has had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the transition from preschool to kindergarten. The ease of this transition can fully be credited to the staff and environment at Cedar Park. The school’s blending of expeditionary learning and RULER method of social-emotional intelligence has helped my son blossom in ways I could not have expected. My shy and introverted child is engaged and outgoing in his classroom. He feels at ease with all the staff, and particularly enjoys the way the staff foster interaction between grades. I could not be happier with our decision to send our son to this school.
    Kindergarten Parent, 2017-18 

    We all need our kids to receive educational instruction at school, but how do we want our kids to feel at school? Included, honored, supported, safe, excited to learn. We want our kids to learn not just about reading, science, and arithmetic, but also about themselves, their community, and the world at large. The expeditionary learning model at Cedar Park offers a unique perspective for kids, and really empowers them to learn in ways that are meaningful for them. Additionally, the community we’re creating at Cedar Park emphasizes the “B3”: Caring, Respect, and Responsibility. Our children are learning to challenge themselves academically and become their best selves while also creating meaningful relationships with all of their peers.
    Kindergarten Parent, 2017-18

    My son Jake is a second grader at Cedar Park Elementary School.  The expeditionary learning model is right up his alley.  Jake has lots of interests and he always has a “plan” formulating in his mind.  The fact that he can tie his learning into a bigger project is great.  He can see what he is learning on a day to day basis put into action and this gives him a sense of pride and ownership over his learning.  As a parent I love Cedar Park Elementary because it is not just a school - it is a community. The teachers and staff are wonderful and they know Jake and they take the time to find out his interests and his passions. Our family is very happy that we are part of Cedar Park Elementary. 
    Bridgette Kolias, Cedar Park Parent, 2017-18