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    Expeditionary Learning (EL) at Cedar Park

    What does Expeditionary Learning Mean at Cedar Park?

    Expeditionary Learning is the way we blend the skills we develop through our core curricula (Math, Reading, Writing, Science) together to create an experience that has a deeper meaning for the student. Students work together to develop the learning expedition for the school: they decide what they want to learn, how they will learn it and how they will share their learning with their peers. We strive to develop expeditions that connect our students to the real-world by going on field trips and inviting in experts to share knowledge that helps students delve deeper into their expedition.

    In the fall of 2017, Cedar Park students first-ever expedition involved choosing a school mascot and logo. Through the first four months of the school year they explored ideas of community and character and visited several zoos to learn about possible mascots first hand. Eventually, the field was narrowed down to a few finalists and the students put on an Expeditionary Premier in which they presented their ideas through slideshows, art, theater and writing. Before winter break the students voted on the final choice and the Cedar Park Timber Wolf was born!

    Winter and Spring of 2018 will find Cedar Park students learning about their larger community: the city of Seattle. Students will learn about city government, city history, city geography and will work together to envision the Seattle of the future. The fall of 2018 will bring a Marine Biology expedition that will allow students to grow their understanding of one of our area’s most precious resources. Cedar Park students are learning and sharing deeply about themselves and are becoming strong, informed, empowered citizens. (See the program for our Spring Expeditionary Fair here)


    How is Expeditionary Learning SIMILAR to a traditional school model?

    • EL schools are held to the same curriculum/Common Core State Standards.

    • EL schools use District adopted core curricula, such as Center for the Collaborative Classroom (English Language Arts) and Math in Focus.

    • EL schools participate in standardized testing.


    Key Components to Cedar Park’s EL Philosophy

    The following characteristics are found inside Cedar Park Expeditionary Learning projects:

    • Application of Learning:

      Students can transfer their knowledge and skills to new, meaningful tasks.

    • Demonstration of Craftsmanship:

      Students will create work that is accurate, beautiful and polished in conception and execution.

    • Work to become effective learners

      Through collaboration and discourse, students will develop initiative, responsibility, and perseverance. These skills and mindsets will help students be successful in college, in their career, and throughout their lives.