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    Cedar Park is an inclusive, diverse community with a strong focus on academic achievement through core curriculum and opportunities for students to follow their interests and expand their learning in creative ways. This allows students to acquire the real-world skills of working individually and collaboratively in small groups and managing multi-step activities from the beginning through to a successful conclusion. In this way, Cedar Park students develop confidence, perseverance and risk-taking in their learning and exploration.

    Strong Academic Foundation

    Center for the Collaborative Classroom ELA Curriculum

    • Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening
    • Combines whole group reading instruction texts and individually leveled reading books
    • Whole group & small group mini-lessons with individual practice centered on Common Core State Standards

    Math in Focus Math Curriculum

    • Centered on Common Core State Standards
    • Supplemented by Common core best practices and materials
    • Combination of whole group & small group mini-lessons with individual practice

    Amplify Science Curriculum (Pilot School)

    • Hands-on experimentation, allowing students to reach conclusions based on phenomena exploration
    • Combination of whole group mini-lesson with small group/individual exploration


    Creative Exploration

    Hands-on Learning and Application

    • Minimum of 3 field work opportunities in each classroom to amplify in-class learning
    • Collaboration with our community to bring in diverse artists, authors, experts and opportunities to bring learning to life and make real-world connections

    IDEA Time

    • IDEA: Imagine, Design, Engineer, Artistically create
    • Offered weekly on Wednesdays as in-school enrichment for all
    • Students help design and then select their electives
    • Several 4-8 week sessions throughout the school year
    • Courses offered through collaboration with school and community members

    IDEA Activities

    • Opportunities for students to explore individual interests through
      • What they learn (research)
      • How they make meaning of their learning (synthesizing)
      • How they share their learning and teach others (presentation)

    Art Docent Art Enrichment

    • Highlights diverse artists, histories and expressions
    • Opportunities to explore artists and perspectives through field work
    • Opportunities to showcase school, community, national and global artists and experts