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    Cedar Park Decision Making Matrix 2018-19


    P = Proposal
    C = Consensus
    D = Decision
    I = Input
    V = Vote
    A = Approve

      SPS BLT PTA Staff Teams (Decision Making/Hiring) CP Instruction Leadership Team  Principal  Principal/Staff
    C-SIP  A  P  I  C/V    I  I  
    PD Calendar    P  I  C/V    I  I  
    PD Content    I    I  P  P  I  
    Budget  ***  P  I  C/V  I  I  I  
    Master Schedule        I    P*  D  
    PCP Content    P  I  I        C
    School Wide Core supplements & Benchmark Assessment        I    D**    
    Hiring (Cert & Hour)          D      
    Staff assignments        I      D  
    Student assignments        I      D  
    Staff Committees/Stipends    P    I        C
    Sub Reimbursement Plan    P    I        C
    Master Calendar    P  P  P  P      
    Assemblies    C  I    C      
    School Events    I  I    C      
    PTA Events    I  P/D* as submitted in yearly calendar        I/D  
    School Fundraising      P/D  P      C/D  

    At least 1 contracted day prior to decision making the BLT will inform the staff of a potential vote. If a member is not able to attend the meeting, they may cast their vote prior to the meeting by submitting the vote to the ballot container located with the building administrative secretary.

    Consensus: We are committed to making the time for face-to-face discussion. Cedar Park defines consensus as coming to a compromise, within the contracted day, where everyone can live with the decision. We will commit to reserve the last 5 minutes of a meeting for vote if consensus cannot be reached.

    Vote: 2/3 majority of all .4 or higher SEA represented staff ballots cast. Abstentions are counted as a “No”. Process: As members submit ballots, they will cross their name off the school roster. The BLT will count and report out results.

    *The Master Scheduling Committee will be comprised of Admin (or Admin Designee), Career Ladder Teacher(s), PCP teacher(s), Librarian, and other teachers or staff who choose to participate.

    ** The Cedar Park Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) will be comprised of Admin and Career Ladder Teacher(s). This team will oversee the implementation of core curriculum, the selection and implementation of supplemental materials and core benchmark assessments (monitored by MTSS), and organizing/facilitating PD related to instructional practice.

    ***As per the Collective Bargaining Agreement Article II, section 4J: “When a staff, following the school’s decision making matrix, cannot reach consensus or at least a 2/3 vote on a budget, the professional development plan, CSIP, a representative from SEA and a representative from SPS will meet with the staff involved in attempt to resolve the issues. If after a reasonable attempt the issues remain unresolved, the issues will be forwarded to the Chief Academic Officer for a final decision. Members of the decision making body may submit a statement to the Chief Academic Officer before a final decision is made. SEA and SPS will strive to have a final decision is made. SEA and SPS will strive to have a final decision within 5 working days from the date that the issues are initially raised.”