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    Spring Assessment Overview
    Posted on 04/04/2019
    Apples and books

    April 4, 2019 

    Dear Families,  

    We want to update you on the Spring assessment calendar and provide information to support your family throughout the testing process.  

    Spring Testing Dates 



    MAPELA & Math





    5thgrade only

    Science Grade 5 only



    6/11 SBA MATH


    How We Use Data  

    WA state requires that the district test students in SBA & MAP. Results support our team in setting goals for instruction (such as whether students need additional support or challenge in particular areas) and also support us in making decisions about which professional development opportunities to emphasize so we can continue to grow in our instructional practice.  

    These formal assessments are only one way our school uses data to drive instructional decisions. Teachers gather a comprehensive picture of student learning (as well as school climate) throughout the year through one-on-one conferencing, work samples, surveys, portfolios, and class discussions.  

    Supporting Our Students 

    To minimize stress for students, we emphasize that we use results to gain understanding of how students grow as learners over time, giving us information to teach them better 

    Throughout the testing periods, we build-in additional recess, movement, games and “mindful moments” to support a calm and positive atmosphere. We will also students practice test opportunities, with test taking tips & strategies. 

    Additional Resources 


    Typing Club (supports SBA preparation): 

    Students will receive opportunities to practice at school. To access from home, use chrome: 

    select STUDENTS/STUDENT PORTAL/ACTIVE DIRECTORY/SIGN IN/ENTER STUDENT USERNAME & PASSWORD/TYPING CLUB                                                                                                                                           

    Your child’s teacher will be sending reminders closer to the testing dates to make sure your child is well rested, well fed, and prepared with what to expect. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to Abby Levin, Assessment Coordinator at 

    Click here for Assessment Q&A


    Cedar Park Staff