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     Trait  Statement  Literature
     September  The Big 3
     Cedar Park Students are....
     Caring, Respectful, Responsible
     Introduction of B3 Cards
     October  Caring  
     Caring is thinking about what
     others need and taking action
     Invisible Boy
     November  Respect  
     Respect is treating others the
     way you want to be treated
     The Other Side - Woodson
     Responsibility is knowing your job
     and doing it all on your own
     Brave Irene - Steig
     January  Gratitude (Caring)
     Gratitude is feeling and showing
     appreciation for what you have.
     Those Shoes - Boelts
     February  Integrity (Responsibility)
     Integrity is doing the right thing
     even when no one is watching
     One - Otashi
     The Empty Pot - Demi
     March  Fairness (Respect)
     Fairness is making sure everybody
     gets what they need
     The Sneetches - Seuss
     April  Cooperation (Caring)
     Cooperation is being willing and
     able to work well with others
     Stone Soup - Muth
     May  Perseverance (Responsibility)
     Perseverance is when you keep trying
     even if something is difficult
     The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind -
     June  Self-Esteem (Respect)
     Self-Esteem is accepting and taking
     care of yourself
     Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon - Lovell