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    Building Leadership Team (BLT)

    BLT is a representative group of school stakeholders - teachers, staff, administrators, and significant community partners (including parents). The team is grounded in the belief that collaborative site-based decision-making structures are essential to accelerating student academic achievement.

    The primary objectives of the BLT are to lead the school’s effort to achieve the goals in the school improvement plan (CSIP); make decisions about the professional development of school faculty to support the instructional program necessary to successfully implement the transformation plan; make budget decisions related to the plan.

    Building Leadership Team
    Cedar Park Elementary School Bylaws

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Cedar Park Building Leadership Team is to serve as the overseer of the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, its Professional Development Plan, and as facilitators for the development of the budget. The Cedar Park BLT according to the Decision Making Matrix shall define the budget development process using our CSIP (focused on students’ academic achievement and social and emotional well-being) as a guide. The BLT shall be composed of representatives including an administrator, certificated and classified staff, and parent. In addition, the group will act as

    • A governance body to shape school policy and facilitate cooperative decision-making
    • A resource and advocate for students, staff, and families at meetings, as required and
    • A motivator to promote school wide efforts

    Guiding Principle

    The Cedar Park BLT shall at all times follow to the greatest extent possible the Cedar Park Charter and will respect the confidentiality of students, staff and parents in the conduct of its business. In order to function at the highest level of professionalism mutual trust and collegiality must exist among the school staff and the BLT. To this end, the Cedar Park BLT pledges its commitment to work for the good of all students, staff, and families.


    The Cedar Park Building Leadership Team shall consist of the following members:

    • One Early Learning Representative (Pre-K)
    • One Early Primary Teacher Representative (Kinder – 1st Grades)
    • One Later Primary Teacher Representative (2nd – 3rd Grades)
    • One Intermediate Teacher Representative (4th – 5th Grades)
    • One Certificated Specialist Teacher Representative (Art, Music, Library, P.E., SPED, ELL)
    • One SEA Represented Classified Representative (Office/IAs)
    • Building Principal
    • One PTA representative (the PTA President or designated PTA Board Member)
    • One Parent representative (from the PTA Race & Equity Team)*

    *This position is under consideration by both organizations and will be finalized (including a PTA organizational process for determining this member) during the 2018-19 school year.

    Each representative on the BLT has the responsibility for efficiently sharing information with and gathering input from their constituents and to represent the interests of his/her constituency as well as his/her own views.


    Membership on the Cedar Park BLT will follow a staggered schedule for bringing new members aboard while maintaining institutional knowledge of current initiatives. Tenure on the BLT shall be for a period of two years (providing the individual represents the same constituency). At the end of a two-year term, the staff within a constituency will review and vote on their BLT Representation. Parents will determine their own selection process for its representatives to the BLT.


    Members of the BLT will assume the following roles on a trimester basis in order to make meetings more effective. It shall be the responsibility of the facilitator to meet with the principal to develop and review the agenda prior to each meeting.

    1. Facilitator
      • Starts and ends the meeting
      • Reminds staff of next meeting
      • Establishes agenda items
      • Calls on team members or starts round robin process
      • Keeps discussion on target without dominating the conversation
      • Helps search for and suggest compromise solutions
      • Helps resolve conflict between members

    2. Recorder
      • Remains neutral to content and supports facilitator
      • Records basic ideas; checks accuracy of perceptions
      • Helps give a sense of direction and completion
      • Maintains meeting minutes (taking, editing) directly into SharePoint (Events & Meetings: BLT Minutes), and distributing an electronic record of the meeting in a timely manner;
      • An electronic copy of all the year’s BLT Minutes will be kept in SharePoint (Events & Meetings: BLT Minutes) for those who wish to review them.

    3. Time Keeper
      • Periodically remind the team members of the time constraints
      • Keeps team members focused on the task at hand
      • Asks whether people are ready to move to decision
      • Identifies when more time is needed for discussion
      • Recommends time allocation for future agendas

    Meeting Schedule

    The Building Leadership Team will meet each month during the school year. During work on the budget or Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) the BLT may meet 2x or more per month. Emergency meetings may be called, if necessary.

    All meetings are open to the entire staff. A schedule of these meetings and meeting minutes will be sent electronically to the entire staff.


    Building Leadership Team quorum is established as 70% participation of BLT members in BLT meeting. BLT does not vote on items but brings suggestions to the staff for a staff vote.

    Decision Making

    The role and/or responsibilities of the Cedar Park BLT as outlined in the decision making matrix.

    Record Keeping

    It shall be the responsibility of the Building Leadership Team to retain, within the school building, records of its meetings and actions for a period of six (6) years, after which these records will be forwarded to Seattle School District Archives. These records will include agendas, minutes, and any other pertinent business of the BLT.


    Proposed changes to the Cedar Park BLT Bylaws must be presented to the BLT for discussion and in writing. Upon review, the proposed change(s) would then be taken to staff members for presentation, discussion, and voting when ready to be accepted or rejected by consensus or majority decision. See section on Decision Making.


    The Building Leadership Team shall engage in an annual self-evaluation process that include survey submitted to the staff to gather feedback and data that the BLT can use internally to inform its priorities and effectiveness within the school.

    BLT Retreat/ New Member Orientation

    A Building Leadership Team retreat will be planned in the spring of each year to be held during the summer of the same year for the purpose of;

    • Reviewing the BLT Bylaws
    • Reviewing the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
    • Providing orientation for new members