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    Rules from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction require that Seattle Public Schools must take daily attendance during Remote Learning and work with families who are experiencing attendance issues to remove barriers so students can access education.

    Daily attendance at Cedar Park indicates that a student has engaged in live or asynchronous learning at some point during the school day.

    Teachers take electronic attendance at the beginning of the school day and submit it to the Attendance Specialist, Bridgette Kolias. Teachers also track attendance with Engagement Logs at live learning blocks throughout the day and note if students have submitted work in Seesaw.

    Every two days, Mrs. Kolias reviews Engagement Logs to determine if students marked absent during a morning meeting attended or engaged at any other point during that day. If so, a student’s Absent code is changed to Present. Cedar Park’s Attendance Team (Attendance Specialist, Administrative Secretary and Principal) meets weekly to review official attendance and Engagement Logs and look for trends and identify students who may be struggling to access schoolwork.

    Cedar Park recognizes that the Covid-19 Pandemic has caused families upheaval in a variety of ways that may make traditional daily school attendance difficult. Our goal is to exercise flexibility in these cases and work with families to create individualized plans that allow students to participate in learning as much as possible. All individual plans should be created in partnership with the teacher and the principal and must be approved by school administration. Plans should be consistent, because consistency builds predictability, which breeds success. Families will be expected to follow the individual plan. If the Attendance Team notices that an approved plan is being regularly deviated from, the teacher and principal will contact the family to check in and reconsider the appropriateness of the plan.

    Absences that are due to an approved attendance/engagement plan, technology issue, illness or medical appointment, observation of a religious/cultural holiday or family emergency will be considered Excused Absences.

    Most other absences will fall under the heading of Unexcused Absences. If you have questions about specific absences your student has had/will have, please reach out to Bridgette Kolias at

    If you know your student will be absent during the morning meeting on any given day, please email the office directly at