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    While we understand that students may have personal electronic devices for a variety of reasons, at Cedar Park we expect that they will not be in the classroom and will not be used during the day.

    Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, phones, tablets, smart watches, step trackers, cameras (film or digital) and e-readers.

    If a student needs to bring their device to school, the expectation is that the device will stay in the student’s locker. If the device comes into the classroom, the student will be asked to return it to their locker. If the device comes back a second time, the student will turn the device over to the teacher, who will contact the parent to notify them and then return the device to the student at the end of the day. After the third time a device comes back to the classroom, it will be held in the office in a secure space and arrangements will be made with parents to pick up the device directly.

    These expectations apply to district transportation as well. Students may not use electronic devices on school buses, school-chartered buses or school-chartered taxis.

    These expectations are in place both for the safety of your family’s expensive devices, but also for the safety and security of our students. Because electronic devices have such far-reaching capabilities (built-in cameras, voice recorders, social media apps, video apps, etc.), it is essential to the emotional well-being of our students that they are certain that they, their image, their voice, etc. are safe during the school day.