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    OSPI and Seattle Public Schools have updated the Attendance Policies for Elementary students as of May 10, 2021. The below policies are for both in-person and remote-only students. If you have any questions about these updated policies, please contact the Cedar Park Office.

    • Students are Present even if they arrive late or leave early unless they have missed more than 50% of the learning day.
    • A student’s Absent code can be changed to Present if both of the following happens within two days:
      • Parent communicates with teacher about the absence


      • Student completes all the coursework assigned that day
    • A student must be present for the live portion of their learning day with their homeroom teacher to be counted as Present. Those who attend lessons provided by specialists only will be marked as Absent.
    • If an in-person student is absent for any reason, they will not be allowed to join the online classroom for remote-only students. They should, instead, access the asynchronous work in Seesaw &/or request additional assignments from their teacher. The student will be marked Excused Absence for illness, medical appointment, family emergency or religious or cultural holiday. Absences due to family trips or vacations and those that are not explained will be marked as Unexcused.
      • Exception to this rule: In-person students who have tested positive for Covid 19, or who have been told to quarantine by the health department or their doctor will be temporarily allowed to access the remote-only classroom.