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    Kelso’s Choice effectively teaches young children peace-making skills. It is a proven resource to increase confidence, reduce tattling and is a preliminary tool to prevent bullying.

    This program is a powerful and timely tool to build a vital life skill for the young people in today’s world. The program philosophy is simple: each child is smart enough and strong enough to resolve conflict.

    Kelso’s Choice assumes that all young people are capable of becoming peacemakers. Kelso’s Choice empowers children to solve problems on their own with the guidance and support of trusted adults.

    The Kelso’s Choice program is a unique resource that caters to the age group and accommodates the demanding schedule of elementary-level counselors, teachers, home school instructors, parents and more.

    Kelso’s Choice is made to engage its young audience. Elementary-aged students and special needs children have limited attention spans. Each component of the program fits into an allotted 15-45 minute time span and engages auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning through Total Body Response lessons. The nine solutions, also called “Kelso’s Choices,” are paired with strong visuals and body movements that make the lesson easy to grasp for young, developing minds. These solutions and visuals are reiterated in several styles, through several lessons and activities to strengthen recall.

    In addition to being used in school-wide programs, Kelso’s Choice is often presented to small groups of students or used during individual counseling either to reinforce the lessons taught in the classroom or to provide problem-solving techniques. The material has been successfully adapted for use with diverse student groups, including students experiencing physical, behavioral, learning, emotional or psychological challenges. The program has also been proven effective when teaching anger management skills and impulse control.