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    Kelso's Choice Wheel

    Kelso the Frog teaches students how to solve “small” problems on their own. “Small problems” include conflicts that cause “small” feelings of annoyance, embarrassment, boredom, etc. “BIG problems” always need to be taken to an adult. These are situations that are scary, dangerous, illegal, etc.

    Kelso has nine choices to solve “small problems.” These are illustrated in the Kelso’s Choice Wheel. They include:

    · Go to another game

    · Talk it out

    · Share and take turns

    · Ignore it

    · Walk away

    · Tell them to stop

    · Apologize

    · Make a deal

    · Wait and cool off

    When a child comes to an adult to solve their “small problem,” the adult tells the child to try one or two of Kelso’s Choices first. If that doesn't work, the adult can intervene. Students are also taught how to ask for an adult for help in the event of a “BIG problem.”