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    I am in control of my body and leave space for others


    I walk directly to my destination


    I use a voice level 1during school hours


    I close my locker quietly


    I am where I should be during recess, lunch, and before & after school


    I walk and use avoicelevel 2 to 3


    I eat my own lunch in my seat


    I pick up after myself and Green Clean (Compost/ Recycle/Trash sort)


    I follow directions and raise my hand to be excused


    I take care of equipment and return it to where it belongs


    I invite and include others


    I follow the rules of the game


    I play safely where I can see an adult


    I line up quickly when the bell rings

    I go, flush, wash and return


    I keep the bathroom clean and ready


    I respect privacy and use a voice level 1


    I enter and exit using a voice level 1


    I practice active listening during a performance or presentation:


    - Sit on your bottom leaving space for others


    -Face forward with eyes on speaker


    - Voice level 0


    - Listen, respond, applaud