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    Cedar Park cares about the health of our students.  

    Our nurse, Amy Jones at , is in the building one day a week, generally Wednesdays or Thursdays. If you have any health concerns regarding your student that you wish to discuss with her, you may feel free to email her at any time and she will respond as soon as she can. 

    In addition to her duties of caring for ill or injured students, the nurse will give every student a vision and hearing test near the beginning of the year. She also coordinates a free flu vaccination clinic for Cedar Park Families and shares news and information regarding other free clinics (dental, etc.) with the community. 

    When Nurse Jones is not in the building, the office staff takes over any nursing needs. Staff will not hesitate to contact a student’s family any time they feel there is any cause for concern.  


    Health Policies: 

      • Students who exhibit signs of stomach flu (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), or who have a fever will be cared for in the nurse’s office while staff call family to come pick up their student. 
      • Students must be free of fever or stomach flu symptoms for 24 hours, without medication, before returning to school. 
      • Students are not allowed to bring their own medication to take during the day. All medication must be stored in the nurse’s office and parents must fill out the Authorization for Medication to be Taken at School form, which must be signed by parents and a doctor. OTC medications also need authorization. 
      • Parents may come to school to give their child medications if needed. 
      • Seattle Public Schools offers a host of information and accommodations to students with serious health conditions and needs. Please see the Students with Health Conditions page on the SPS website for more information.  


    Health Forms:


    SPS Health Forms in a wide range of translations may be found on the SPS Forms page on the SPS website.