Cedar Park Elementary

Cedar Park
Cedar Park Elementary School


Cedar Park Elementary School

  • Opening Date: September 6, 2017
  • Curricular Focus: Expeditionary Learning
  • Bell Times: 7:55 a.m. – 2:25 p.m.
  • School Capacity: 250-280 (about 2 classes at each grade level)
  • Number of classrooms: 18 (2 classrooms per grade level, 2 Preschool classrooms, 2 rooms for specialists, 1 library, 1 resource room)

After School Care

Will after school care be available on site?

KidsCo will be providing afterschool care and enrichment programs for Preschool – 5th grade. For more information, visit the KidsCo website.

Boundaries and Transportation

What will be the boundaries of Cedar Park Elementary?

Anyone can apply to attend any option school. However, students who live within the geozone are given priority in the school assignment process.

Cedar Park geozone marked in yellow on the attached map

Which students can get transportation to Cedar Park?

  • Students who live in the “walk zone” of the school are not eligible for bus transportation.
  • Students who live outside of the “walk zone” AND live in the Jane Addams Middle School assignment area are eligible for transportation.
  • Students who live on the west side of Lake City Way are eligible for bus service, given the dangers of small children crossing Lake City Way.

Cedar Park “walk zone” marked in pink on the attached map


When can students enroll in Cedar Park?

Now — Enroll in Seattle Public Schools (Kindergarten and families new to the District only)

Is there an enrollment goal?

There is no minimum number of students required to open the school.

How many students do you accept outside the geozone?

This year is going to be a BIG year for accepting students who are outside of our geozone since all seats at Cedar Park are open. However, only students who live in the Jane Addams assignment area will be eligible for transportation.


What is WaKids?

WaKids is a state-supported program for kindergarten students and families that rethinks how we develop the school-home relationship. WaKids takes a more holistic approach in giving time to learn more deeply about a student’s academic, social-emotional, fine and gross motor skills, and lets schools support students and families in a more personal way.

Along with a Family Connect meeting (see below), Kindergarten teachers will administer the WaKids Gold assessment in the fall that will gather observational and formative assessment data on a student’s skills entering kindergarten and take a whole-child approach in setting learning goals with families at conferences.


What details do we know about Cedar Park’s new SPP Preschool Program?

Cedar Park offers a full-day preschool program during school hours 7:55 a.m. – 2:25 p.m.

Classrooms will include sinks, bathrooms, and other preschool necessities. Students will also eat lunch in their classroom and will have a designated preschool playground (outside their classroom) they will recess at. More logistical information will be available before start of school.

Program Information

What is an option school?

An option school is a school that uses a specific teaching model or focus in addition to the basic common core curriculum (reading writing, math). Students must opt-in to an option school by completing paperwork with the school district. If applications exceed enrollment, preference goes to students with siblings already at the option school and students who live nearest the school.

What is Expeditionary Learning (EL)?

Expeditionary Learning is student-driven, deep and engaging learning connected to the real world that embeds grade level skills and competencies. EL is a project -based, student-led learning model.

Instead of having each subject as a separate entity, this model allows a class to dive deeply into an expedition/project and the teacher to integrate skills and standards into the expedition.

Additionally, expeditions have connections to real-world learning. In order to enhance this real-world connection, classes participate in field trips or invite experts to come in and teach them more about their chosen expedition.

How is Expeditionary Learning SIMILAR to a traditional school model?

  • EL schools held to the same curricula/Common Core State Standards.
  • EL schools use District adopted core curricula such as theCenter for the Collaborative Classroom (English Language Arts curriculum) andMath in Focus (Math curriculum).
  • EL schools participate in standardized testing.