Cedar Park Elementary

Cedar Park

Curriculum and Learning


Center for the Collaborative Classroom Curriculum

  • Centered on Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Focused on reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Combines instructional reading texts with independently reading books at individual student levels


enVision Math

  • Centered on Common Core State Standards
  • Supplemented with CCSS-based materials and best practices


Amplify Science

  • Hands-on phenomena exploration
  • Based on 21st Century Science Skills

Social Emotional Learning

Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS)

  • Explicitly teach, practice, and build positive accountability to school-wide expectations
  • Focused on building a positive environment by believing that all students are capable of meeting expectations and acknowledging their successes as individuals and groups
  • Hold students to high standards while providing structured scaffolding for students who need additional support


  • Four key pillars:
    • Class Charter
    • Mood Meter
    • Meta Moments
    • Emotional Intelligence Blue Print

Second Steps

Social-emotional learning also taught through:


  • Reading Advocacy: nurturing a lifelong love of reading across a range of genres
  • Information Literacy: empowering students to effectively locate, use, and produce information
  • Digital Citizenship: ensuring students are safe and acting kindly in the digital world
  • Social-Emotional Learning: nurture self-awareness, compassion, and global citizenship through literature

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education at Cedar Park is a skills-based program for Kindergarten-5th Grade students. Through practice and game play students learn how to:

  • move safely through spaces
  • improve throwing and foot skills
  • use paddles or hockey sticks
  • move to rhythm, jump rope
  • incorporate tactics (defense/offense)

PE is also a place where students learn:

  • the 5 Components of Health-Related Fitness
  • nutrition using MyPlate
  • goal setting
  • problem solving
  • muscle, bone, and heart health
  • sportsmanship, collaboration, and spirit of the game
  • pedestrian and bike safety
  • impact of physical health on our lives (socially, emotionally, and physically)

Note: Skills are taught in a rotational fashion (e.g. one year the focus may be basketball skills, the following year volleyball skills will be emphasized). The goal is to introduce students to a variety of physical activities over the course of their time as a Cedar Park student.



  • Cedar Park Art Docent Program
  • Expeditionary Learning project opportunities
  • IDEA Time opportunities


  • Grades K-5
  • Music theory, appreciation, vocal practice and instrument exploration

Instrumental Music

  • Grades 4-5
  • Classes/Lesson held once per week

Support Services (based on student need)