Cedar Park Elementary

Cedar Park


Attendance Procedures

Reporting Absences

If your child will not be in school please contact the office to let us know.


Because teachers are busy teaching in the morning, please contact the office (not the teacher), to report an absence.

Excused Absences

SPS qualifies the following absences as Excused:

  • Illness
  • Medical Appointment
  • Religious or Cultural Celebration
  • Family Emergency

If your student has an absence that doesn’t specifically fit the above criteria, it may still be possible to excuse the absence. Please come and talk with us in the office and we will see what our options are.

Unexcused Absences

SPS qualifies the following absences as Unexcused:

  • Family Trip or Vacation
  • Unreported Absences

Unexcused is a legal term in this case, and does not indicate that you did not report your student’s absence to the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I forget to report my child absent?

A: You will receive a call or text from the Cedar Park office by 9 a.m. checking in on your child.

We miss them when they aren’t here and we always want to make sure that they are safe. If a response isn’t received, then the office will also send you an email and will follow up throughout the morning.

Q: Is my child allowed to go on a family vacation?

A: While Family Vacations are not considered Excused, we understand the importance and value that travel and time together brings to a student.

  • If at all possible, try to schedule your vacations around school breaks.
  • Check with your child’s teacher before to make sure your student won’t be missing important times around testing, learning goals and Expedition experiences.
  • Complete the Planned Absence Form and turn it into the office at least one week before the absence begins.

Q: What if I need to drop my child off after school has started or pick them up early?

A: No problem! Let the office know ahead of time if your student is going to be arriving after the start of school. Upon arrival, come to the office through the front door so that we can sign your student in and give them a pass to class.

If picking your child up early, come in through the front door and check in at the office. We will have your child come meet you there.

Q: Does my child need a doctor?s note if he or she is sick?

A: Very rarely is this needed. If your student is very ill over a long period of time, we may ask for a note, but in general we would not need one.

Q: How does Cedar Park handle Truancy?

A: Elementary-aged students are not directly responsible for excessive late arrivals or absences, so they do not receive a disciplinary consequence.

However, excessive missed time from the learning environment can have a critical impact on student academic growth, especially over time.

We encourage all guardians to create consistent, sustainable routines and schedules that allow students to get to school consistently and on time.

If your family is experiencing an obstacle that is preventing on-time arrival or increasing absenteeism, we encourage you to make an appointment to speak with our Principal or our Social Worker so that we can work together to find a way to help your student be at school and learn and grow.