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Cedar Park ~ Attendance
Somi Ahlbeck

Ahlbeck, Somi



Somi began being a school nurse since 2015 and is at Magnolia Elementary, Lawton Elementary and the Seattle Preschool Program. The kids call her 'Nurse Somi.' Prior to school nursing, Nurse Somi was a charge nurse at Fairfax Behavioral Health on the adolescent unit and just LOVE working with kiddos in every age group. No matter the demographic, her passion is to encourage and educate individuals about their health so that they feel empowered to achieve anything that they set their mind to. Nurse Somi believes that students must be healthy not only physically but mentally, emotionally, and socially to learn well. Nurse Somi loves school nursing because she gets to be a part of a holistic approach to well-being and build relationships with students, their families, and the community. Find Nurse Somi with the dog/cat (whatever pet) at social events.

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Angela Breitbach

Breitbach, Angela


Byers, Nancy

Teacher, Special Education

Cassio Igari, Kaitlynn

Teacher-Elementary Specialist
Phoebe Cheng

Cheng, Phoebe

Occupational Therapist
Rachel Davis

Davis, Rachel

Teacher, Kindergarten
BichNgoc Duong

Duong, BichNgoc

Bilingual Instr Asst -203/7
Melanie Durand

Durand, Melanie

Speech and Language
Kirra Fisk

Fisk, Kirra

P.E. Teacher

Personal Message Hello! My name is Kirra Fisk and I am Cedar Park's Physical Education Specialist and Academic Interventionist. I am thrilled to be one of Cedar Park Elementary's founding staff members- I can't wait to begin this collaborative journey with all of you. After growing up in sunny Santa Barbara, I went to Westmont College and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education in 2010. In 2011 I moved to Seattle and spent 2 years at Queen Anne Elementary as a kindergarten instructional aide and after school instructor with Kids Co. In 2013 I worked at Madrona K-8 as a 2nd grade teacher and went on to teach 2nd/3rd grade and kindergarten. I also joined the Early Learning Fitness (ELF) leadership team, which emphasizes the blending of academic content and movement in prek/K classes. Using ELF in my own classroom and learning about physical activity's impact on the developing brain spurred me on to pursue my Health and Fitness endorsement so that I could teach Physical Education. When I am not thinking about school I can be found: trying new recipes while singing loudly, exploring new Sci-Fi series with my husband Donovan, walking our dog Jericho to the ends of the earth, working out with friends, brainstorming the next great graphic novel, and laughing as much as possible. Being at Cedar Park is a dream come true and I hope you are as excited as I am about all the different adventures in education we will have as a community.

Gwendolyn Foster

Foster, Gwendolyn


Hofmann, Kelley

Administrative Secretary
Robert Hoppins

Hoppins, Robert

Teacher, 2nd Grade
Julia Horn

Horn, Julia

Home School Coordinator
Amy Jones

Jones, Amy

School Nurse

Personal Message

Usana Jordan

Jordan, Usana

Teacher/Bilingual BE

Kegel, Terry

Teacher, Kindergarten
Bridgette Kolias

Kolias, Bridgette

Attendance Specialist
Christine Lackie

Lackie, Christine

Teacher, 2nd Grade