IDEA Time Electives

IDEA Time (Investigate, Design, Engage, Ask Why)

At Cedar Park Elementary, we believe that providing our students with access to new activities allows them to grow their creative and intellectual muscles and widen their understanding of who they are, what interests them and what they are capable of. We provide our students with regular in-school enrichment through our IDEA Time program. IDEA Time classes are taught by faculty, volunteers and professionals and are designed based on student interest.

IDEA Time sessions happen every Wednesday for the first half of the school year. Examples of popular classes are Improvisational Theater, Photography, Cooking, Unicorns, Wonderful Worms, Slime Time, Puppet Creations, Coloring Club, Treasure Hunting/Map Making, Basketball, Insects, Dinosaurs, Forensics, Rocketry, Snacks Around the World, and Physics of Beyblades. Students are polled regularly to determine where their interests lie.

In addition to meeting student interest, IDEA Time classes embed skills into lessons that students can then use in their Expedition projects during the second half of the year. Skills that students have learned through IDEA Time include watercolor painting, photography, sewing, stop-motion videography, paper mache, batik, crafting construction, book-making and public speaking.

The Cedar Park Community believes that all students should be able to follow their interests and receive enrichment regardless of a family’s financial status. IDEA Time is in-school enrichment for all that is generously supported by the Cedar Park PTA.