Cedar Park Elementary

Cedar Park
Family Handbook

Parking & Traffic Circulation

  • 37th Ave NE is a Safe & Health Street. You may drive on it to park, but please be extra cautious an mindful of walkers.
  • Drive East on NE 135th Street and South on 39th Ave NE during drop-off time.
  • Do not park in the Drop-Off/Bus Zone. A staff member will be on hand to open your car door for your student and help them out.
  • Students walk through the parking lot in the morning to access the playground and courtyard. Please do not pull into the staff parking lot to drop your student off unless you are accessing the disabled parking spots.
  • After dropping your student, continue around the bock. No U-Turns please.
  • Be a good neighbor when parking. Please do not block driveways or mail-boxes. Please obey No Parking signs. Please do not park on our neighbors’ lawns.
  • If you are arriving after 9 a.m., please drop your student at the front of the school so that they can check in at the office. Courtyard doors and gates are locked at 8 a.m..
birds eye view of the parking drop off. details in the content of the page.