Cedar Park Elementary

Cedar Park
Family Handbook

School Lunch & Breakfast

  • All students have an internal account at the school that they use to purchase meals.
  • You can add money to the account by bringing in cash or a check to Ms. Mac in the lunchroom to deposit in person.
  • You can also deposit money online through paypams.com. To set up an account you will need your student’s ID #, which the school office can give you.
  • Students have a pin # that they use to purchase breakfast or lunch, but you do not need this number to deposit money into their account.
  • School staff supports students as they purchase a meal and helps them learn their pin number.
  • There is usually a hot lunch option and there will always be a vegetarian option. Additionally, no pork products are used (pepperoni, bacon, etc. are all made out of turkey).
  • Breakfast is $2.25, lunch is $3.25. All meals include fruits, veggies and milk.
  • Students can also purchase milk on its own for $.50.
  • If your student has a dietary limitation (ex, Vegetarian), let their teacher know so that they can support your student in picking an appropriate lunch option.
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