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IDEA Time Electives

IDEA Time (Investigate, Design, Enhance, Achieve)

At Cedar Park Elementary, we believe that providing our students with access to new activities allows them to grow their creative and intellectual muscles and widen their understanding of who they are, what interests them and what they are capable of. We provide our students with in-school enrichment on a weekly basis through our IDEA Time program. IDEA Time (Investigate, Design, Enhance, Achieve) classes are taught by faculty, volunteers and professionals and are designed to nurture student growth.

IDEA Time sessions alternate between 3 week free-form elective sessions and 4-6 week academic discipline-focused elective sessions. The 3-week elective sessions are designed to provide a fun and engaging dip into activities that have sparked student interest. Classes like Improvisational Theater, Photography, Cooking, Unicorns, Wonderful Worms, Slime Time, Puppet Creations, Coloring Club, Treasure Hunting-Map Making, Basketball, Insects, Dinosaurs and Physics of Beyblades.

Our Academic Discipline focused classes are divided into 3 sessions: Math, Literacy and Science.

During the Math Session students participated in classes like LEGO Math, Math in Nature, Math in Sports, Amazing Abacus, Creative Mapping, Chess and Math in Art. The session culminated in a Math Night event where students shared their learning with their families and participated together in fun math-themed activities.

This winter, emerging readers and writers experienced a 4-week rotation in which they engaged with early-reading activities during our Literacy Session. Working together they practiced storytelling skills, sight words, grammar and parts of speech through LEGOs, Arts and Crafts, Poetry and Elephant & Piggy mad libs. Established readers in the intermediate grades deepened their literacy engagement by learning how to tell stories through film, making pop-up books, writing their own fan fiction and participating in the city-wide Global Reading Challenge. Throughout the Literacy IDEA Session, students collaborated to turn their work into bound books which are now a part of the school Library’s collection.

We will wrap up our Academic IDEA Time classes with a Science Session in the Spring. Students will explore Earth Sciences, Physics, Geology, Botany and more as they create a fruit and vegetable garden, build catapults, drop eggs from spectacular heights, examine rocks, gems and minerals and learn all about the causes and effects of natural disasters. Once again, parents and students will gather at the end of the session to share their learning at our first ever Science Night.