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Technology at Cedar Park


At Cedar Park, we value the critical relationship between teachers and students in supporting their learning and growth as scholars and citizens.

To that end, we are committed to only using technology that enhances the teaching and learning fostered in our classrooms – equalizing opportunities for students to practice specific skills in context or communicate their learning in effective and meaningful ways.

The programs listed below are commonly used at Cedar Park during the school year. There may be other programs used occasionally that are not listed here. 


Cedar Park will be committed to:

  • Keeping technology use during an academic block (Reading, Math, etc.) to 15-20 minutes during an independent work station. Exceptions to this may occur for special projects such as writing pieces, research or Expeditionary Learning Projects.
  • Using only district-approved programs and apps vetted through the SPS Technology Department, which have been determined to be ADA compliant.
  • Protecting student data per FERPA guidelines and proper technology usage/care (safeguarding student log-ins, closing out of programs, etc.)


Seattle Public Schools has fully implemented its 1-to-1 device policy. All students are issued a device (iPad pk-2nd, laptop 3-5) at the start of the school year. For the most part, these devices will be kept on-site. Instances when a device might be sent home include possible snow-days, extended illness or quarantine or work that relates to their Expedition.


The following programs are the most commonly used software at Cedar Park. It is not exhaustive and will be expanded if faculty incorporate further digital tools into their classroom practice. All technology used by staff and faculty will adhere to the above guidelines.

Raz-Kids Plus (Learning A-Z)

  • Approved and Vetted by: SPS Technology Department 
  • Used For: Literacy Independent Work Stations Grades K-5 
  • Purpose: To provide students with opportunities to independently practice their literacy and comprehension skills regardless of foundational skills ability (text selections are read orally to students allowing them to engage with comprehension and other literacy activities). By expanding comprehension skills, students learn to more deeply engage in reading which, in turn promotes an eagerness to learn foundational skills. The program tracks and assesses student progress, allowing teachers to right-size instruction in small groups. 


  • Approved and Vetted by: SPS Technology Department 
  • Used For: Math Independent Work Stations Grades K-5 
  • Purpose: Integrates seamlessly with in-class instruction as a part of the newly-adopted enVision math curriculum. It provides students opportunities to independently practice Math Skills based on individual student need. The program offers data tracking features that allow teachers to monitor progress and assign the appropriate modules to students.


  • Approved and Vetted by: SPS Technology Department
  • Used For: Independent Work, Teacher Feedback and Assignment Progress Monitoring 
  • Purpose: This program provides a digital platform in which Teachers can find or create activities for students & students capture their learning in a portfolio through pictures, drawings, recorded videos and more. Teachers may record a video of themselves teaching the initial skills for a project, allowing students to go back and re-watch to remember the next step. Students might record reading a book passage out loud that the teacher listens to and provides coaching for the student for the next time they read. SeeSaw can be used for independent work in all subject matters. 

Typing Club

  • Approved and Vetted by: SPS Technology Department
  • Used For: Typing Practice 
  • Purpose: This program is used to teach students touch-typing allowing for easier fluency when doing research, assessments and creating presentations. 


  • Approved and Vetted by: SPS Technology Department
  • Used For: Word Processing, Presentation Creation 
  • Purpose: This suite of online programs from Microsoft includes Outlook, Word & PowerPoint. Students use these programs to create presentations, do research and independent writing.