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Student Expectations

Cedar Park Student Expectations

The following expectations are essential to the building of a safe and caring learning community at Cedar Park. These expectations are taught to all students during the first weeks of school and again, as needed, throughout the year.

Staff and students positively reinforce each other when they see others following the expectations by giving them B3 Cards, which are celebrated school-wide during the day.

Bathroom Expectations

When using a Cedar Park bathroom… 

  • I go, flush, wash and return. I walk directly to and from the bathroom, use my time wisely and wash my hands with 2 pumps of soap. 
  • I keep the bathroom clean and ready. I flush, I keep litter off the floor and I keep water in the sink. 
  • I respect privacy and use a voice level 1. I never look over or under or into a stall being used and I keep to my own area. I use a voice level 1 so that I don’t disrupt learning in other spaces. 

Cafeteria Expectations

While in the Cedar Park Cafeteria… 

  • I walk and use an inside voice. 
  • I eat my own lunch in my seat. I stay in the seat I have chosen, on my bottom with my feet under the table. I eat only the food I brought from home or from the cafeteria. 
  • I pick up after myself and green clean. I make sure I’m not leaving food or garbage on or under the table. I sort my trash into the compost, recycle and trash bins. 
  • I follow directions and raise my hand to be excused. I follow the directions of any adult in the cafeteria and if I need to use the bathroom or get water, I raise my hand. 

Hallway Expectations

While using a Cedar Park hallway during school… 

  • I am in control of my body and leave space for others. I keep to the right, leave room for others to move and walk facing forward. 
  • I walk directly to my destination. 
  • I use a voice level 1 during school hours.  
  • I close my locker quietly. I get an adult if I’m having trouble, instead of slamming the door. 
  • I am where I should be during recess, lunch, before and after school. I have gotten permission from an adult to be in the hallway otherwise I am in my classroom or other learning space. 

Playground Expectations

While on the Cedar Park Playground during the school day… 

  • I take care of equipment and return it to where it belongs.  
  • I am safe on the playground equipment. I go down the slide, I hang on the monkey bars and I step from leaf to leaf. 
  • I invite and include others. I look for opportunities to include others and I play fair. 
  • I play safe where I can see an adult. I don’t play with pretend weapons and I keep a safe body. I know if I can’t see an adult, they can’t see me and that isn’t safe. 
  • I return to the building right away when I hear the bell. I enter the building safely and listen for instructions.